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How to Get the Best Out Of Your Salon Visit

The first thing to do when you next visit your salon is to be sure you arrive on time. This will make sure you get the full time allocated to you and your stylist can do their best work and not rush your haircut.

If you are thinking about a new look, take along any imagery you may have, be it the colour of Cheryl Cole, the fringe of Pixie Lott or the length of Jennifer Anniston’s hair, this will give the stylist a better idea of the image they are trying to create for you.

Talk through with your stylist anything you don’t like about your hair and let them know how much time you like to spend styling your hair. It is no good if you only like to spend half an hour styling your hair every third day and then your stylist creates an elaborate style that needs 45 minutes each day. That just won’t work, you won’t do it and consequently, your hair will not look how it should and you will be disappointed.

Watch your stylist, see which brushes they use and what styling products they need to create the finished look. Ask questions if you do not understand anything during the process. Your stylist will be happy to show you how it is done.

Your stylist should recommend which products will work best with your style, but ask if they don’t. If you don’t want to buy all the products recommended, ask which one they would say is your ‘must have’ product. It is so much easier to recreate your style at home if you have the right tools for the job.

Finally, before leaving the salon, ask your stylist when they would advise you have your next cut to keep your style in shape.
Book your next appointment before you leave to ensure you get the stylist that you want and a time that will suit you. Don’t leave it until just before you want your hair done as your stylist could be booked up or on holiday. Also some salons offer a discount if you book before you leave. I hope this will help you with your next visit to a salon.