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Detoxing our bodies to achieve healthier hair

Eating healthy and having a regular exercise regime helps in keeping us at our optimum in both body and mind. Not only do we look fitter but so do our nails, skin and hair. These are part of us so how we look after ourselves in the inside will most definitely show on the outside.

There are many diets out there usually geared to losing weight but not many on how to keep our hair, skin and nails looking healthier.

We know that keeping ourselves hydrated by drinking lots of water is a must. This is a very vital ingredient for our hair as well. Our hair will not only be more moisturised and shiny but will also look and feel it too. When hair is of this condition, it is a lot easier to comb with less tangles. Also, any hair do we have will look good and last longer.

Eating a good variety of fresh fruits and vegetables is always good not just for ourselves but for our hair as well. Exotic fruits such as papaya and mango are known to be beneficial for the condition and thickness of the hair.

Nuts are a very good source of vitamin E which is great for the hair and scalp. They contain essential fatty oils that are very important for the hair especially for its shine element.

Our hair is made of protein and therefore, eating protein rich foods such as eggs will help towards acquiring a healthy head of hair. Egg whites are richer in protein so eating these around 3 times a week will mean that you are feeding your hair with the best nutrients it requires.

Sometimes our environment, daily stresses, over-eating or drinking alcohol can leave us feeling and looking drained for days and subjecting our hair to suffer as well. Applying a detox diet from time to time will mean that we are getting rid of the toxin overload from our system. Our hair will feel and look a lot better when we eliminate toxins and environmental chemicals from our bodies. There are many ways of detoxing. There are certain teas, tablets and eating the right foods that help our bodies to rejuvenate and be at its healthiest.

One good way is to eat a good amount of fibre rich foods such as wholegrain cereals and breads. This will help in cleansing the colon and will also help in eliminating bloating and the feeling of being lethargic or tired all the time.

Not only are you helping your hair but also you will notice that you will shed a few pounds and the excessive water retention that left you looking a lot larger. The goodness of a detox will be noticeable on the outside and will also make you feel a lot more energetic and happier.