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Great tips on getting your bridal hair right

Weddings of any culture are full of tradition that follows down from generation to generation. The idea of feeling like a ‘princess’ on your wedding day could be the fact that many years back, it was usually royalty who could afford to throw a party during a wedding.

The idea of bridesmaids and maid-of-honour are traditions of when a true princess would be married and on her wedding day she would have her servants or other ladies of the household by her side. These women would be the closest to her, since there was very little or almost no social interaction to make friends beyond the castle walls.

In today’s tradition, a christian wedding still holds bridesmaids and maid-of-honour as an integral part of a wedding ceremony. Just as the bride is in the spotlight, so too are her bridesmaids. Therefore, the bridesmaids have to look uniform to each other and compliment the bride on her day.

One thing that is easily forgotten or not thought about as much is how the bridal party will have their hair on the special day. We may hire a hair and make-up professional but do we not usually leave it to them to come back to us with what styles would look good and hope for the best.

A little thought on this would make the day go a lot smoother. Remember, the lady’s hair in the bridal party will all be of different length, thickness and condition and a person who likes her hair down may not like to have it tied up.

A good way to avoid any confusion or unhappiness on the day is to rehearse and
plan the hair styles beforehand. A good way to do this is by having a girl’s night in and inviting the hair professional to talk with the bride and bridesmaids on what they would like. This would go a long way in making sure that everyone is happy and don’t feel that they have to have the hair a certain way without a choice. Communication is always better done beforehand and not on the day when there are a 101 things to think about.

If the wedding is not for another few months then think of whether the bridesmaids will be leaving their hair to grow or planning on getting a trim or a completely new style and colour change. Talking about these things with the whole party will leave everyone a lot more confident on what to choose as a style on the day.

You have to also think about when in the day the wedding is going to take place. If it is a garden party in the middle of summer then having a casual style with the hair half down with a few accessories will give it a more romantic feel. If on the other hand it is an elegant, posh evening do then that style may not be appropriate and you may have to think of having the hair tied up to give it the elegant, evening look.

Whatever you choose, remember that the bride’s hair should be the more elaborate, followed by the maid-of-honour and then the bridesmaids all having the same style. If you choose a braided look then a variation of this style would look uniform for the whole party.

Remember also you can include a few hair accessories such as flowers, bows etc. which will give your style a more finished look. Your hair professional will advise you all of this and if you could get him or her to do the styles as a practice run and take some photos of it, then I’m sure it will make it a lot easier for him or her on the day.