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Hair colour trends for short hair

If you have a short hairstyle or are thinking of having one then consider looking at some of the amazing hair colour fashions out there for this year.

There are bold and bright colours to choose from as well as some classy and sophisticated highlights and low lights to give your short crop a new edge.

There are celebrities such as Rihanna who have been able to pull off bright colours like fiery red. Some are also opting to going full natural grey like Pink and Pixie Geldof or having silvery grey strands show through like Kate Moss. Showing your natural grey is being the acceptable colour in 2013!

Creative solid block colours look great on short hair as opposed to longer hair. However, if you don’t want to cut your locks and have slightly longer hair then colouring just the ends of your hair a lighter shade is a popular look. For the more longer hair, the ombre hair colour effect looks great. The ombre hair effect is dyeing the hair a shade lighter or darker than the natural colour but starting from the middle of the hair shaft until the end. Some have the shafts of hair coloured the same way around the face too to frame the face.

If you feel the solid block colour is too dramatic for your short hair and prefer streak colouring then try a subtle blending of low lights and high lights with your natural colour. Small amount of hair in equal amounts are coloured a shade lighter and a shade darker with your natural hair colour. You may think this will look tacky but actually gives short hair a very classy and sophisticated look.

If your hair is slightly longer and layered and you don’t want too many highlights then applying thicker straps of colour to the bottom layers will look great as it peeks through the upper layers.

Having regular trims on short hair will keep the hairstyle looking fresh and also help in keeping the hair in good condition especially if you choose a block colour all over. You don’t necessarily have to go for a permanent dye but can have fun in experimenting with temporary dyes that fade after a few washes. The aim is to be creative and daring this year that work well with your skin tone.