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Hairstyles that would best suit your face shape

Every person has unique features but there are around 6 different shapes of faces that incorporates most looks. Some people have a combination of two shapes or more.

Finding the right hairstyle can be a challenge especially when you have the choice of having it long or short, curly or straight and so forth. The best advice given is to usually stick to your hair type and work a style that will be manageable and time saving especially in our busy life schedules.

You have to also think about whether you have the time in the mornings to blow dry or use straighteners. If you do spend some time on your hair and use heat appliances then be sure to use a heat protection product on your hair to avoid further damage including moisturisers/conditioners and frizz control products.

The typical face shapes usually range from round, square, oval, long, heart and diamond shapes. Usually an oval face shaped face can hold most hairstyles and are the lucky ones. Hairstyles should accentuate the area of the face that is narrower and the more wider structures of the face should have less hair around it or to soften the sharpness of that area of the face.

Round face shape - A short hairstyle really suits this face shape especially a ‘bob’. By concentrating on adding height to the top of the head will give length to the face and a centre parting can also work well with this shape. Straight long hair is better than tight curls with a swept fringe to one side rather than a thick blunt one.

Square face shape - As described by the name, the face resembles that of a square shape with a wide forehead, cheekbones and jawline at roughly the same width around the face. Its best to soften these areas with layers and usually a short above the shoulder look would suit those with naturally curly hair. A side parting or a light fringe swept to one side is better than a centre parting. A haircut that stops at the jawline could make the jawline look wider.

Oval face shape - As mentioned earlier, these are the lucky ones and can experiment with different styles from short curly hair to long straight hair. Also you have the choice of having a blunt fringe or a swept across fringe. The main key here is to show your best features.

Long face shape - With this shape face its better to avoid heaviness on top or straight long hair as it will just make your face look longer. Again, the key here is to add volume to the side of the face with tapered layers in a short to medium hair length. It will also soften the straight lines at the edge of the face. Part your hair a little off centre as this works well with this face shape.

Heart face shape - This implies to a wide forehead narrowing down to an almost pointy chin. Having a hairstyle that frames the face is best for this face shape. Avoid anything too heavy on top again as this will only draw more attention to the chin area. A slightly longer ‘bob’ near the chin line or longer is ideal. A more wavy or curly style suits best than straight hair. However, if you don’t want to add curls then a wispy layered cut works well too.

Diamond or triangular face shape - is the opposite of the heart face shape. A narrower forehead and a more protruding jawline gives this shape its name. Doing the opposite also stands with this shape as in having more body around the forehead. A really short haircut suits this face shape. If you do want to keep it long then have it longer than your jawline. A centre parting works well too with lots of layers.

The above principles should be used as a guide to narrow down the hairstyles that would best suit you. There are many programs on the internet whereby you can download your photo and experiment with different styles before you actually step into a salon. Photos of famous celebrity hairstyles may not come out as you intended because you have to take into consideration your hair type from thickness to condition, and whether dry, fly away or thick and easily greasy.

Usually, hairdressers and stylists spend a few minutes with you before having your hair washed to see its condition and type and advise you better on what would work for your face shape as well. Always consult with the person cutting your hair and tell them what it is you want. The simpler the hairstyle, the easier it will be for you to maintain it after you have left the salon.