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How to maintain greasy hair by maintaining cleaner looking hair for longer

You will notice that most of the time, your hair becomes greasy or oily at the roots and dryer at the ends. This is the case whether you have straight, curly, short or long hair. Some think that tying your hair will help the condition but this is not always the case. Below are 10 tips on how to manage your hair and avoid it becoming greasy for longer.

Do not wash or shampoo your hair everyday. You may find that it is essential to wash your hair everyday in order to remove the grease and make your hair appear cleaner. However, this only encourages the hair to produce more natural oils as you continuously strip it by shampooing too regularly. Hair does not get dirty unless you are working in a dusty environment. Washing once or twice a week is sufficient and you will soon notice that the longer you go between shampoos, the more cleaner and bouncy your hair becomes after a wash.

How to shampoo and condition your hair. If you find that your shampoo does not lather especially when hair is too greasy, then apply a small amount between your hands and massage it into the roots all over then rinse it out with warm water and then apply another larger amount all over your roots and ends. Massage in gently and then rinse it all off straight away. Some leave the shampoo in for a few minutes, but if it is a strong shampoo then the chemicals can cause hair to become greasy. Then apply conditioner only to the ends of the hair which can become dry and just over the top of the head. Leave the conditioner in for a few minutes before washing it off as it will make the hair more manageable and silky. Opt for a good shampoo and conditioner that are both mild or best work with your hair type. You may need to go through a few to find the right one or better still, ask your hairdresser who will give you some good advice on both hair care and styling products. A clarifying shampoo used once in a while is great for removing excess build-up of oils but avoid using this everyday as it can strip your hair of essential oils which will cause your scalp to produce more over time.

Which styling products to use. The less styling products you use the better. Certain styling products create a wet look or shine which will just make your hair look more greasy when it’s not. Heavier styling products like gel will weigh your hair down and make it look flat on top. Use light mousses or ‘whipping cream’ designed for hair which is a lovely light styling product. Hair spray should be used sparingly and avoid using it everyday as again it may weigh the hair down when in fact you may be trying to give it a bounce.

How to blow dry your hair. Try and blow dry your hair to the point where it is still slightly damp but not dripping wet. You could always dry the scalp so as not to catch a cold when venturing out, but stop once it is dry and move on to the length of the hair. You could use the high heat setting for a shorter period of time but if you are styling the hair then use a medium or lower setting. The aim is to avoid too much heat on the scalp which can help the scalp from becoming greasy.

Why not to touch or brush your hair all the time. Brush your hair in the morning and then leave it. You do not need to keep brushing the hair throughout the day. If you feel you need to tidy it then use a wider comb rather than a brush. Brushes have an accumulation of hair strands and oils that you pass back into your hair. Therefore, washing your brush at least once a week with a shampoo or even a hand wash will leave it clean. Remember to remove loose strands caught in the brush as often after brushing your hair. Also, cut your hair in a style that will not require you to run your hand through your hair as any stimulation to the scalp will generate the production of oils.

Tying your hair in windy weather. It’s great to have your hair loose but causes havoc to greasy hair in windy weather. You will find that your wind swept hair becomes a lot greasier at the end of the day. Tying your hair in a ponytail or bun will maintain it for longer between washes. Hair falls a lot more as the hair becomes more greasy too, so tying it up can help the problem and give you a stylish look then limp, lifeless hair.

Rinse hair with warm water. We all like a hot shower especially first thing in the morning. But maintain a warmer setting when washing hair then turn it up again once your hair is washed. This will create more body and avoid hair from feeling weighed down.

Trim your hair regularly. This is to cut away overly dry ends or split ends so that there is not a big contrast between a greasy scalp and dry ends. You will also notice that a trim will make the hair appear neater, thicker and more nourished from head to tip.

Quick fixes when you don’t want to wash your hair. Dry shampoos are great for a day, but can weigh the hair down. Instead apply a small amount of baby powder to the scalp and brush it out so that the whiteness doesn’t show.

Leave natural curls than straightening your hair. Its nice to follow fashion but a healthy head of hair will be more attractive. If you have naturally curly hair then take advantage by applying the right styling products advised by your hairdresser and leave the hair as far away from heat generating equipment like straighteners and blowdryers. Straighteners can damage the hair and make it more greasy because of the heat and your hands touching the strands during styling. Also, curly hair hides greasy looking hair better than straight hair because it doesn’t lie close to the scalp.

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