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How to maintain Healthy Holiday Hair

The thought of being on holiday gives us the sense of relaxation and repair to our body and mind. However, our hair is not so lucky. The elements can cause unreversed damage to the follicles and lustre of hair. The sun’s rays not only damages our skin, which we pay a lot of attention to by applying sun-creams and blocks due to the continuous reminder of skin cancer looms in our minds but also the health of our eyes and hair.

With anything in life, prevention is better than cure. Using hair products that contain UV filters can prevent the harmful UV light from damaging the hair further. There are products that come in gels, oils and mousses and you can use these to give a ‘wet look’ appearance which goes down well when strolling on the beach or by the poolside.

Be careful of chlorine left for too long in the hair. Washing your hair daily with a good conditioner that washes off well can go a long way in maintaining a healthy shine to the hair. Chlorine not only damages hair but also discolours the hair. If you use a hair dye to cover grey or have highlights, you will notice that it fades more quickly when on holiday.

See water also dries the hair because of the salt and sand roughens the hair shafts. Washing your hair with clean water straight after a dip not only makes the hair feel better and manageable to the touch but again, goes a long way in keeping it healthy.

Using leave-in conditioners are always a good option and make sure to apply more to the ends as these are the oldest and most damaged area of the hair. Having a slight trim before going on holiday will get rid of any dry, damaged or split ends and also give the hair a less brittle look on holiday. Try going for a hair style that requires less blow drying or use of straighteners and if you are to bleach or highlight it then again take extra care in washing hair regularly so it doesn’t discolour or turn green! The wind can also tangle hair so a short bob or tied up hair into a bun or chignon will be better to manage at the end of the day.

Giving your head a good massage which we usually do when shampooing will increase blood circulation and improve the quality of hair. Avoid using lemon juice on hair even though it gives an instant highlight effect because lemon juice has acid and burns in direct sunlight which will only make the hair look more coarse and straw like.

When brushing hair, always use wide toothed combs or brushes as your usual brush will only frizz the hair further.

Eating healthy is also very important. As they say, you are what you eat as it has a direct effect on your general health and that too of your nails, skin and hair. Eating plenty of fruit rich in the right fats, such as papaya, avocado, mango and pear are good for the hair and so is eating foods that contain essential fatty acids. Drink plenty of water to keep skin and hair hydrated and especially when drinking alcohol.

Having a good holiday is all about de-stressing so remember if it’s too much work, and if worst comes to worst, wear a swimming cap or a hat when not in the water.

Bon Voyage!


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