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How to work with your hairstylist

Just like with any thing in the business or the professional world, we have to keep channels of communication open and effective to get the best out of work and the people we deal with.

This also applies to everything else in life even to the social and leisure time in our lives. For example, our hair style also communicate something about ourselves and therefore, having a good working and communicative relationship with your stylist will ensure that you look your best and project the image that you want the world see.

When visiting your stylist, its best to go early so that you can look at some of their hair magazines to give you an idea if you haven’t already decided on a particular hair cut.

Most hairstylists spend a good amount of time with you as a consultation before sending you to have your hair washed. Take this opportunity to clearly explain what it is that you are looking to achieve in your new style. If it is just a trim then explain how much you would like to cut off so as not to be upset if they do cut off 3 inches when in fact you were thinking of only one inch.

The main aim is to not confuse your stylist by contradicting yourself. For example, “I know I have really short hair but I don’t want you to cut off too much and make it really short”. What does this mean exactly? Are you saying “don’t put layers in” or are you saying “keep the bob and don’t make it into a boy’s short back and sides?”

Clarify at all times and communicate the vision that you are seeing. Remember although, hair stylists are professionals and have cut and styled many people’s hair on a daily basis, a breakdown in communication can make you feel like they are not as professional and make them feel that they did not satisfy their client’s needs which is not a nice experience for anyone.

If you really don’t know what it is you are looking for or have different hair styles in your mind then don’t feel embarrassed to ask the hairstylist for their opinion. They will be only to happy to give you sound advice by taking into consideration your lifestyle and how much time you are willing to spend each day in maintaining a style. If you don’t have the time or are not interested in spending too much time on applying hair products, blowdrying or other equipments on your hair then they will explain to you a style that is low in maintenance, yet modern and manageable.

You may be surprised that you walk out of the salon with a cut that not only impresses you but one that you would have never considered in the first place.