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Safest way to blowdrying hair

Any form of heat is bad to the hair as it makes the hair more dry and takes away the moisture and shine. We have to be sure in hydrating our hair as much as possible and to prevent it from further damage from the environment and its elements.

The easiest way to dry the hair fully after a shampoo is by blowdrying and with our busy lifestyles and time deadlines, it comes in handy. Vigorously towel drying and rubbing the hair will only make the hair more frizzy or even cause split ends.

Here are some precautions to take when blowdrying your hair. To begin with a hair dryer is an electronic device and therefore the thought of using it to wet hair is a little unsettling. Make sure that you do not use the dryer in the bathroom or anywhere where there is water near. This also applies to soaking wet hair!! If you start blowdrying your hair the minute you step out of the shower, not only will you be heating the water in the hair but also make yourself sweat!! Always gently towel dry your hair by blotting the excess water. The best way is to wrap the towel around your head for a few minutes to do its job.

Then either use a wide toothed comb or your fingers to detangle the hair. This is necessary to give an even surface when blowdrying so that the heat is distributing equally to the entire hair strand. If you use hair products then this is a good time to apply any anti-frizz or heat protective solutions to prevent heat damage.

If you have very thick or long hair then divide your hair into small sections and tie up the remaining sections just like they do in the salons. This way you are sure to be drying the hair in the right place instead of heating one area more than the other.

Work your way from scalp to tip. It doesn’t make sense to start at the roots as the dampness from the top will just trickle down, also your tips are the driest part of your hair and would require less heat to it. You can use a brush to style a look or just use your fingers making sure that you move the hairdryer in a circular motion so as not to burn the hair or scalp. Hairdryers are used to dry hair only and if you feel you are burning the scalp then stop immediately!!

One thing to note, is to not over dry the hair. Leave some of the moisture in and set your hairdryer to cool for the last minute as this will retain its shine. You can also apply hair oil to give it more gloss if you have very dry hair. Most people who have naturally greasy scalps could apply some just to the tips.

The aim is to give your hair the style you require by removing the wetness without compromising on the health and condition of the hair.