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Useful Tips for Repairing Damaged Hair

We all know that once hair is damaged whether it be by blowdrying, the environment, or so forth, you need to then repair it as much as possible in order for it to appear healthy looking.

Badly damaged hair can’t be repaired completely to a healthy state as it is not a living cell anymore. It is made of a protein called Keratin and therefore, it can’t heal itself.

You must therefore, take extra care by not damaging the hair unnecessarily. For example, brushing hair constantly, using too much heat products such as straighteners and blowdryers. Using hair repair or heat protective chemicals before styling the hair can help in preventing further damage.

One way to see whether the hair is unhealthy is by looking for split ends. The ends of the hair are the most driest and damaged of the entire strand of hair and this will give you a good indication to whether the hair needs repair. Remember, if you do have split ends then there is not much you can do to reverse the already damaged hair. Most people will visit the salon and have a ‘trim’ which is cutting an inch or two in order to remove the split ends. This will then give the hair a healthier, fuller look.

Split Ends is when the end of the hair becomes split into two or three thinner strands. They appear to look frizzled and dry. Here, the hair has lost its moisture and is beyond repair.

Most hair products have smoothing agents and lightweight polymers in them which, when applied, makes the hair shafts stick back together. This is a temporary look and then washes off when you shampoo your hair again. You will notice that when you wash your hair, small ‘stick out’ hairs appear around the top of the head. This is actually everywhere, but it is more noticeable on the top of the head. Especially, with straight hair. Some people tend to spray a bit of hairspray not only to style the hair, but to smoothen down these ‘stick out’ hairs. By doing this, your hair looks less dry or frizzy and a lot healthier.

Hair products only temporarily make a style and hair look healthy. It does not cure damaged hair or split ends. They say that “prevention is better than cure” and the best way to do this is to use proper products that protection from the environment. Most of all, good healthy, shiny hair comes from within you. Another saying of “we are what we eat” is very true. What you put inside your body will ultimately show on the outside. Such as your hair, skin and nails and therefore, a good balanced diet of fruit and vegetables and drinking lots of water will go a long way in the long run of having a healthy head of hair.

Some Platinum Hair Tips:

Treat your hair gently. Brush and comb until the hair is de-tangled and no further. Remember that hair is very delicate. Just as you would dry-clean a delicate fabric and not put it in the washing machine since you know it will damage the fibre, then this is the way to treat your hair too, as a delicate fibre.

Use the right products that suit your hair type.

Don’t dry out the hair further by using heat products over already split ends. Use a towel to dry the hair gently or if you must blowdry then let the ends remain slightly damp.

Don’t expose your hair to extreme sunshine or wind. Blowing untied-up hair in the wind may feel good but makes the hair rub against each other and damage the scales of the cuticle layer which will only make your hair more frizzed looking. Also, if you are prone to a greasy scalp then the wind will also leave your hair feeling greasy quicker.